warframe: mirage - Voice Acting & Sound Replacement


Custom SFX, Foley and Field Recordings

Engaging sound design helps the audience connect more with what they are watching. I will create sound effects for each and every aspect of your game, film, Youtube channel, podcast or app. From weapons and vehicles, to clothing noises, footsteps, ambiances, creatures and user experience effects. I can also mix and edit audio that you already have to make it sound even better.

Having original audio is important and will help your project stand out. This is why I like to record as much I can from scratch to create original ambiences and sound effects using location audio kits.


Alyeus - Celestial Descent

I am a graduate of Fanshawe Colleges Music Industry Arts and Audio Post Production courses and since 2011 I have been working at Prevail Music Studios in London, Ontario as an audio engineer and the audio post-production manager where I record musicians, vocalists and voice actors using Pro Tools HD and high end audio hardware. I am an experienced music editor and producer and love to work with artists of all kinds.

I have been playing drums and percussion for 18 years and currently Play drums in the progress rock band Alyeus. I am available as a session and studio drummer for many styles, including Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative and pop and I can provide a great sounding Pearl Reference drum kit.


Studio Engineering, Mixing, Session Drummer

Video Game & Movie Trailer voices


With a naturally deep voice, I specialize in villains, heroes and narration as well as professional voices for radio ads, commercials, documentaries, Youtube channels and audio books.


As an audio engineer and producer as well as a voice actor, I know what goes into getting a great take and I can effectively direct and record voice actors for all kinds of projects.I also have experience recording and mixing ADR for film using streamers and visual ques, cleaning up dialog audio, recording dialog for live events like plays and recitals and recording on location audio for film using boom and lavaliere microphones.

The Villain, The Hero, The Narrator



I am a graduate of Fanshawe College's Music Industry Arts and Audio Post Production programs and since 2011 I have been working as a recording studio engineer and Audio-Post Production mixer at Prevail Music Studios in London, Ontario. I have experience recording and editing music, creating sound effects and recording Foley for games and film, recording voice actors and recording location audio using boom and LAV microphones.

I am also available as a voice actor and have been playing drums for nearly 18 years. I have been fortunate enough to work with many great artists on an assortment of music and commercial projects as an audio engineer, producer and drummer. I am available as a session drummer for many styles of music and have produced and released several albums with my band Alyeus.

Knowledge & Services

  • Pro Tools HD

  • Logic Pro

  • Stereo & 5.1 Mixing

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Jira

  • Trello

  • Audio Post-Production

  • Digital SFX design

  • Foley recording & mixing

  • ADR/dialog recording & editing

  • Voice acting

  • Directing & producing voice actors

  • Film location audio (Boom & Lav)

  • Music production

  • Drums & percussion

Please contact me to discuss rates as I am happy to work within your project budget:


London, ON, Canada



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